SOS Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for a global customer base. Our products can be specialized for electro-mechanical and other custom applications, and we help our customers design and engineer the right solution from scratch. In addition to our primary product and service offerings, we offer a number of value-added services to save customers time and money throughout their operations.

Custom Fixturing

A custom fixture holds parts in a repeatable orientation to obtain consistent, accurate measurements. The device can also hold multiple parts in the same way each time, producing more accurate measurements while increasing throughput. Custom fixtures are ideal for parts with complex designs or high precision tolerances. Custom fixturing is found in various consumer products, plastics, and medical devices for testing, inspection, measurement purposes.

Custom fixturing adds value to your operations by reducing the risk of human error. They are easy for operators to load and maximize time and space efficiency. At SOS, we adhere to the highest standards when building your custom fixtures so that you can be sure your product will function correctly in an assembly. Examples of custom fixtures we produce are for fan testing and RPM sensors.  


Like other value-added services, automation aims to maximize productivity by freeing up human workers for more complex tasks. Industrial automation takes care of repetitive and/or dangerous jobs, reducing the risk of human error and injury. Automation equipment can also quickly identify and address sources of waste, thanks to advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.

SOS produces automated equipment to cut, terminate, and tin-plate copper wires. Automating these tasks boosts overall efficiency in producing box builds and other electro-mechanical manufacturing processes.

SOS designs and builds custom machining for unique applications. For instance, one of our customers was processing 32 AWG hi-flex wires involving a lot of manual labor. SOS manufactured a custom processing machine to fully automate this manufacturing process. We also have a custom press for SATA connectors that can terminate five wires at a time. 

Turnkey Assemblies

We offer turnkey printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies, where we handle all aspects of the PCB process, from material procurement to manufacture to assembly to testing. We can build custom electro-mechanical panel and box builds using customer-supplied parts, new materials, or a combination of both.

Engineering Support

Engineering support plays a vital role throughout product development to make products viable for end users.

For example, we had a customer whose assembly was failing in the field because it was not robust enough for its end-use environment. SOS engineered an assembly solution that could withstand these conditions and ultimately made the product successful. Sales exceed 500 units per month, with over 50,000 total units produced.

In another case study, a customer needed individually cut and terminated wires. SOS designed and engineered fixturing that would allow the customer to integrate the wires into their system and easily plug into their assembly.

Kanban/Inventory Programs

Kanban is an inventory management system used in just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing. The program helps keep track of production and order new parts and materials when needed. It supports lean manufacturing principles by responding to demand fluctuations instead of predicting them.

SOS implements Kanban programs for vendor and customer products, resulting in reduced turnaround and delivery times. Kanban inventory programs offer the following benefits: 

  • Improved efficiency 
  • Better communication 
  • Prevention of inventory pileup 
  • Controlled workflow
  • Reduced overhead 

Value-Added Services From SOS Mfg.

At SOS Manufacturing, we strive to ensure you get the most out of our business relationship. Therefore, we offer a full suite of value-added services to help you achieve and exceed your manufacturing objectives. Contact us to discuss your unique needs today.