wire harness in handSOS provides design & engineering assistance with their wire harness needs. We help customers with connector and wire selection, assembly techniques, reverse engineering, and component procurement.

SOS provides quick turn first articles, with optional FAIR or PPAP forms upon submission.

SOS Manufacturing is a leader in manufacturing cable assemblies and wire harnesses for various applications. With our in-house capabilities and knowledge about different industries, we offer exceptional design and engineering services to meet the needs of our customers. 

Design & engineering entails devising a wire harness and cable assembly component by assisting our customers with the design process. We ensure that the product is built with the best manufacturing practices during the process. 

Quality testing of the products for safety & reliability 

Upon testing the products, we utilize the latest and best equipment for continuity and hi-pot testing. It’s called the Cirris 4200 cable tester, which has a combined Cirris OS software with an intuitive Cirris adapter system. It’s a capable tester that can accurately analyze different cables for opens, shorts, miswired, and other errors, allowing us to ensure that our wire harness design services are up to stringent engineering standards. 

At SOS Manufacturing, we understand that engineering is a critical part of any industrial process and emphasize the importance of engineering for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. We ensure every wire harness utilizes components with superior quality to perform as expected in the environment it’s used in. 

SOS Manufacturing Inc. Design & Engineering Process

Our design & engineering services include guiding our customers when it comes to the following:

Connector & wire selection 

We can guide you through this process if you need to familiarize yourself with the connectors and wire components for their intended applications. Choosing the proper wires and connectors ensures you receive the highest quality product. A part of our job is to guide you, as this is the most crucial part of the design & engineering process. 

Assembly techniques 

We understand the importance of quality assurance and engineering when assembling components. Our engineering team can advise on the best techniques for assembly based on your application needs. 

Reverse engineering 

We can also reverse engineer your wire harness and cable assemblies to help you with engineering design issues that may have occurred. It helps us diagnose and solve complex engineering problems quickly and efficiently. With our Cirris 4200 cable tester, we can check where the problem is and fix it instantly. 

Component Procurement 

Procuring the right components is a critical part of wire harness engineering services. After selecting the correct wires and connectors, we can procure the procurement of pieces that best fit your needs in whatever industry it will be used. 

Guiding our customers through our design & engineer services for wire harnesses & cable assemblies

At SOS Manufacturing Inc., we ensure that we manufacture wire harnesses and cable assemblies through our design and engineering services. Our process is seamless and straightforward, and we strive to meet your specifications and requirements that will exceed expectations. 

Our design and engineering services meet the highest engineering standards. With our engineering expertise and experience, we guarantee wire harnesses and cable assemblies that will effectively power any application. Contact us today for more information about our design and engineering services! Request a quote, and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.